About Mark…Notes from the Ruins

I don’t imagine that many folks will read this who don’t know me. In the event that I am mistaken I’ll be brief. I am one of the most fortunate men ever to have taken a breath. I am married to a beautiful woman – she’s amazing and should become a saint. A good friend has told me many times that I “outkicked my punt coverage” when it comes to Sherry. He’s totally right (but that’s not something you should ever say to a woman). Sherry and I have three incredible sons – and we are very proud of them and thankful for them.

I’m sort of a snob about a few things – Coffee, BBQ and Beer – and not in that order. I love really good BBQ – but it has to be good. I’ll try any sort of BBQ – but I can tell when its good. I also really enjoy French Press Coffee and well made beer. I like to garden – and I am learning what it takes to grow the food our family eats. I enjoy that more than I can say. This blog then will have all sorts of things in it – stuff about BBQ, stuff about gardens, coffee, beer – food. It’ll also have stuff about sports and, well, pretty much all sorts of stuff.

Most of all this blog will have things to do with the thing that shapes my life the most. I am a pastor. I love being a pastor. It is a great calling to be part of God’s work in a fallen world. In fact that’s the reason for the name of this blog. It comes from Psalm 74:3. What I believe more than anything is that Jesus will come again and restore and renew all things. I pray for that day to come soon. Until then, though, I believe my calling as a pastor is to work toward the renewal of all things, to help in God’s mission of shalom and I believe that is best seen and most clearly seen in the person and work of Jesus.

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